Experiential workshops

Through hands-on experiences and reflection, our workshops are powerful tool for personal and professional growth. Your team members acquire new skills through a holistic approach and understand how these skills contribute to the team's overall success.

Cultural and Ethnic awareness 

Transform your work culture and challenge silent bias by prioritizing your organizations cultural and ethnic awareness as you disrupt the standard learning patterns and bring real life experiences to life.

Tailored to your needs

The organizational assessment brings to light strengths and challenges, allowing us to tailor services to your true needs.

Speaking services

Our speaking services are tailored based on your needs and on the intentional disruption you seek.
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Frequently asked questions

How can my organization schedule a workshop?

Email us a brief description of the type of workshop you are seeking and the goal you are trying to achieve.

What steps does my organization need to follow to organize a customized workshop?

To organize a customized workshop, your organization needs to follow these steps:

1.  Conduct a needs assessment consultation to discuss and clarify your organization's needs.
2. Discuss the intentions for the workshop.
3. Consider the organizational culture and structure.
4. Ensure alignment between TFC mission and values with your organization's mission and values.
5. Have a clear budget

How early should my organization contact to schedule a workshop?

It depends on your organizations needs. A curated workshop contact 2 months in advanced. An existing workshop that TFC has already created, contact 1 month in advanced..

Support for Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Clinical Supervision

Our clinical supervision services are tailored to mental health professionals who want clinical licensure. Our focus is on understanding the cultural and societal factors affecting providing clinical services to culturally and ethnically diverse clients.

EMDR consultation

Our EMDR consultation services help EMDR providers meet training requirements, work towards certification, or seek case consultation, while focusing on diverse client communities.

Clinical Consultation

Licensed mental health professionals can receive clinical consultation services for tailored support with challenging clients, counter transference situations, and when feeling clinically stuck.

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