In Wellness, a Holistic approach is an absolute necessity.

As humans, we are shaped by various life experiences - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I offer therapeutic support through a holistic approach. Your journey includes different aspects of yourself, both challenging and positive. No single experience defines you. I welcome all parts of you as we navigate your mental health growth together. With certifications in Gestalt, EMDR, Trauma, Addiction and breath therapies, I help you explore hidden spaces, reprocess memories, and address body sensations connected to past experiences. Together, with my 24 years of mental health experience and my continued passion, we'll work on understanding your experiences, defining your desired life, and being fully present with you first, then the rest.

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The Inspiration for Tailored for Change is our PASSION 

Our mission is to tailor mental health services to the Global majority by enriching their mental, emotional and physical wellness needs, as we highlight and challenge bias in mental health. 
Our Vision is to provide a welcoming healthy space; and for humans who may not have had the opportunity to experience quality mental health care, will be able to fully experience it, whether it’s individually or as a community, locally, nationally and/or internationally from a holistic and transparent lens.
We do this in every interaction!!!

We collaborate to address your mind, body, and spirit. Our aim is to help you handle strong emotions, encourage self-love and self-acceptance on your path to managing your health and well-being. You will practice experiencing and managing all your emotions leading to healthy coping with the goal of healthy solutions.

Together we will!
Our client promise
We focus on your most triumphant and important moments, as well as your weakest and strongest moments as humans. Our approach is empathetic and supportive, providing mental health treatment and professional development in a clear, honest, and non-judgmental manner. We take pride in serving culturally and ethnically diverse population.

We mean it!
Sound and Body

Self-Trust and your body

When you allow yourself to experience
Take the mask off!

Challenging the mask you wear

Awareness allows room for change
Change across the board

Tailored to your needs

Intentionality and support can create change and awareness
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