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Welcome to Tailored for Change and into your transformative journey, where you are the captain, and we are your compass.

Humans universally experience emotions, sensations, and thoughts. Taking part in therapy is a courageous step. Joining groups helps you practice courage, by pushing you out of your comfort zone and into embracing curiosity while building a community. And as you add independent work to compliment the action steps you're taking, you have taking your POWER in your mental wellness journey. At Tailored for Change, we offer therapy, group support and workbooks with online courses to guide you on your journey to wellbeing. While helping you navigate your mental health journey with Awareness, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Accountability and Courage.

Gestalt Therapy 

Individual Therapy helps individuals
cope with symptoms that manifest
physically, emotionally, and/or mentally. Gestalt therapy emphasizes
mindfulness, exploring sensations,
 feelings, thoughts, anxiety, memories
and the different parts of you that
get mixed in.  This approach
fosters feeling whole and caring for
yourself in an empowered manner
aiming to improve overall health
and empower
 personal, professional,
social relationships and wellness goals.
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EMDR Therapy

 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing:
EMDR therapy helps clients reprocess traumatic experiences and resolve unresolved disturbing memories, as it guides individuals on a transformative journey towards healing. It allows the brain's innate capacity to healthily adapt and resolve  traumatic memories. It helps the mind  navigate through past traumas and emotional wounds with newfound resilience and emotional coping. 
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Group Therapy

In Group Therapy, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, guided by trained professionals and supported by the group community. We create a safe space for sharing experiences, learning from one another, and developing deep connections, while identifying and practicing healthy coping skills. The transformative power of Group Therapy lies in its ability to foster mutual understanding and [emotional healing, supporting personal empowerment, accountability and additional support at a low cost.  

Online Wellness Learning

Experiential mini courses are provided with workbooks, ebooks and experiments that allow you to do the work at your own pace.

All individuals can take mental health courses and join live groups.

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age. All you need is the curiosity for change.

Workshops/ Support Groups & Retreats

We feature a series of curated workshops, confidential support groups, and retreats to empower our participants' emotional, wellness and life goals while prompting curiosity and motivation to change.

For Mental Health professionals

We provide clinical supervision and consultation services with an emphasis on cultural awareness, addressing and challenging bias, and providing trauma-informed care.

Frequently asked questions

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How does experiential therapy work?

Experiential therapy focuses on you as a whole person. You practice and experiment with different emotions, sensations, and thoughts. This helps you become curious, question, and challenge beliefs that may not work for your present self. The therapy includes visualization work, breath work, spiritual work, energy work, and experiments tailored to your needs as they evolve. It involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, harm reduction, parts work, and somatic work. The goal is to help you understand yourself better, identify problems, and find realistic solutions and expectations to support you in your life process.

A true holistic process

How does EMDR therapy work?

EMDR therapy is a highly effective therapeutic modality that assist you with reprocessing traumatic memories that impact your present life. It can be used for anxiety, depression, panic disorders, addictions, pain and other mental health concerns. With eye movements, tapping and sound we can assist your brain in doing what it organically knows to do, work at resolving. We will target memories that continue to impact and interrupt your mental and physical healing process.

Who can benefit from these styles of therapy?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and experiential styles of therapy can be beneficial for individuals who are open to exploring their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs in a safe and supportive environment. Willingness to be vulnerable, curious, and courageous are important qualities for individuals seeking growth and healing through these therapeutic modalities.

Can my health insurance cover services?

Yes, health insurance will cover individual therapy and live group therapy. Insurance will not cover for recorded courses. We are in network with BCBS, Horizon, Aetna, UH, Oxford, Omnia. 

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