We are on Summer break.
Workshops and groups will start in mid to late August 2024.

Learn how to allow yourself to be present with you and for YOU.

The TFC school for Wellness

The TFC school for wellness offers extra support to clients making changes and seeking motivation to create and sustain healing changes. We help clients achieve emotional, mental, and behavioral health goals through workshops, support groups, retreats, and online courses. Our programs encourage autonomy, accountability, and managing discomforts that accompany change, growth, and mindfulness. Clients build their foundation and structure for personal success.

Our support group series are designed to meet the identified mental health wellness needs of our clients. These groups are closed, meaning new clients are not added once the series starts. Clients can create a supportive community, sharing experiences, successes, and recommendations in both live and online community settings particularly set for the group. Participants sign confidentiality forms to protect privacy and show commitment. The group series are engaging, intentional, fun, and provide a healthy disruption to the norm. Active engagement highly recommended and completion of experiments and exercises is encouraged to receive the full benefits of group. All materials are provided. Health insurance usually covers support groups.

Our workshops are designed to focus on one key topic. Customers are not assessed or asked to sign client confidentiality forms. While not strictly therapeutic, the workshops may guide you on an emotional, enlightening experience. All materials are included. Insurance usually does not cover workshops.

We have selected our self-paced online courses based on the results of live groups and retreats. Our courses offer clients extra support and reminders of the live sessions, along with additional exercises and sometimes physical workbooks. Insurance does not cover the online courses, and the workbooks are an optional addition to the course.


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